Monday 30 January 2017

Why I Stopped Blogging

So, I haven't blogged since the end of September.

It's been a long 119 days since I last uploaded.

So why did I stop?

I've been uninspired. 

It's as simple as that. Since I got back from my trip overseas, slipping back into my old routine back in Perth has been uneventful. I feel like nothing I do here in Perth compares to exploring and discovering the amazing European cities.

I've been filling my days with work to save money so I haven't been doing any exploring or discovering since I've been back. I also haven't been able to shop the latest fashion trends and fill my wardrobe with more shoes! 

So my story ideas have vanished.

But now I'm back... I hope!

The past 119 days, I have felt uninspired, bored, tired and frustrated. And it only took me 119 days to figure out why. Writing my blog has always been a passion of mine. Right from the start. Since I started my blog back in October 2012, I would write about my latest and favourite shoes in my wardrobe, different fashion tips and outfit of the days. 

And I wrote it for myself. 

I've always loved writing and since I started my blog, I would write about anything and everything, just to keep my creativity and skills alive.

I graduated from University in 2011 with a double major in Journalism and Broadcasting and while my diploma is sitting safely in my draw gathering dust, I still love writing.

Over the years, I have written a few short stories, many scenes from an unfinished fiction novel and many blog posts and I still love it.

I don't know what my future will hold or what career I am destined to have but all I know right now is that I love writing. 

And with much effort, planning and scheduling, I hope I'll be able to create some content that will interest and inspire you.

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Monday 26 September 2016

10 tips for surviving long distance travel

Australia is very far away... 

From everywhere.

Which means if I want to go anywhere, I need to get on a long distance flight.

I have been back in Australia for just over 3 weeks now and the 18 hours spent on the plane is still fresh in my mind. I hate the uncomfortable seats, the small foot space and the freezing cold air conditioning.

So I've had to come up with ways to make the flight more enjoyable and to survive the long distance travel.

So here are my top 10 tips for surviving long distance travel.

1. The most important thing for surviving long distance travel is wear the right clothes. If you are uncomfortable on the flight, you will notice it for the entire journey. Also, wear layers or pack layers because the plane will get very cold. I usually pack a cardigan/jumper, jacket and blanket scarf with me if it gets too cold.

2. Pick the right seat. If you need more support when you sleep, maybe choose the window seat so you can rest. If you want to stretch frequently or use the bathroom, maybe pick the aisle seat so you don't interrupt the other travellers. Also, check the capacity of the plane once you take off, you may be able to move and get an entire row to yourself!

3. Charge your devices. Make sure everything you need is charged and ready to go. There's nothing worse then getting on the plane to realise you forgot to charge your laptop or iPad! I bring along a battery pack too, just incase I need to charge my phone, iPad or camera. The more battery you have, the more entertainment you have for your flight.

4. Drink lots of water. On those long haul flights you can ask for more beverages to keep yourself hydrated. The constant cold air conditioner and the cabin pressure can cause a headache. So drink water! It will help. By drinking lots of water, you may need to use the toilet frequently but the walking around will help.

5. Don't jump straight into the onscreen entertainment. Space out the movies and TV episodes. It will make the time go quicker. I usually browse a magazine or read a book until beverages and food is served.

6. Stand up and stretch frequently. This will help with the back and neck pain and the restless legs.

7. If you are a creative type, use the downtime to be creative. I write new blog posts or come up with ideas or write some of my novel. 

8. Freshen up. Every couple of hours, I go to the bathroom to clean my face, brush my teeth and my hair. This makes me feel clean and re energised. 

9. Pack a travel survival kit:
I always pack with me: 
- a travel pillow
- Ear plugs
- Lip balm 
- Medication
- Toothbrush and toothpaste
- Deodorant
- Moisturiser
- Travel socks

10. Set your watch to the time of your destination. This will help you get your body clock used to the time difference. As soon as you take off, try to sleep and eat your food at the time you would eat them at your destination.

I really hate travelling, especially long distance so by following these tips, it makes the journey more enjoyable and comfortable.

What are your tips for surviving long distance travel?

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Friday 23 September 2016

Reflection on the water

My photo this week is one of my favourite photos from all my time in France. 

I was exploring the grounds of a castle and stumbled upon this old boat drifting on the water. I loved the colours and the reflection of the sky in the water.

I loved this photo last year and I still love it now!

Whenever I look at this photo, It makes me stop and reflect on things. I think about exploring France and discovering new places. 

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Monday 19 September 2016

5 reasons why you should travel France

If travelling is something you want to do, but your not sure where to go, can I make a suggestion?


Buy a ticket to anywhere in France, you'll thank me later.

So here are my 5 reasons for why you should travel France

1. It is so beautiful. I've been to quite a few places in France and loved all of them. Whether we drove through the city or camped in the nature, everywhere we went was beautiful. In France, you can see every possible landscape. Beach, mountains, cities, architecture, rivers... It's every travel photographer's dream!

2. The food. I'm not much of a foodie but I do love desserts. And French dessert... *Insert drool here* is amazing. If you love food, France is the place to visit. You get 5 course dinners starting with aperitifs, entrĂ©e, main, cheese and finishing up with a delicious dessert! My weakness = mousse au chocolat (chocolate mousse!) 

3. The streets are quiet and peaceful. I have slept in a few French cities, Angers, Montpellier, Toulouse and also camped in a few locations and most of the time, I've had a quiet and peaceful sleep!

4. Paris is always a good idea! I've been to Paris a few times now and every time I go, I love it. For any fashionista, being in Paris is a dream come true. I love the French boutiques, high end department stores and even people watching for the latest fashion trends. It's amazing and having a picnic under the Eiffel Tower never gets old.

5. If you don't know the language, it can be tough but as long as you make an effort and say the pleasantries in French (Bonjour, sil vous plait, merci, etc) they will be patient with you while you try to explain what you want. And it's always a nice surprise when they speak English with you!

I spent more than 5 months in France and it still wasn't long enough!

What's your favourite thing about France?

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